Analysis of Land Use Changes and Land Value Zones Due to Phase 1 Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Development in Menteng District, Central Jakarta

115-129 Muhammad Iqbal Adi Saputra, Citra Dewi, Fauzan Murdapa

Simulation of Airflow Patterns and Aerodynamic Forces on a Chambered Airfoil and Symmetric Airfoil with Maximum Thickness Variation

130-141 I Gede Kartana, Anak Agung Adhi Suryanwan, I Gusti Ketut Sukadana

Experimental Study of Permeability Characteristics of Bamboo Betung Activated Carbon as Alternative Pad Material for Direct Evaporative Cooling System

142-153 I Made Feby Arya Putra, Hendra Wijaksana, I Gede Teddy Prananda Surya

The Structural Planning of Bunda Halimah Hospital Universitas Batam Using Steel Frame Construction


The Effect of Volume Fraction Variations Epoxy-Rice Straw Composite Fibers with NaOH Treatment on Tensile and Bending Strength

168-176 Muhammad Raihan Dwi Wibowo, Cok Istri Putri Kusuma Kencanawati, I Putu Lokantara

The Effect of Variation in Expansion Valve Capacity on Cooling Performance in Cold Storage Machines

177-181 I Putu Gede Krisna Mahendra Putra, Hendra Wijaksana, Made Sucipta

Analysis of Heat Recovery System Performance Using a Serpentine-Type Heat Exchanger on Water Heater with Fins Number Variation

182-189 I Gusti Agung Gede Kusuma Artha, Made Sucipta, Hendra Wijaksana

Performance Evaluation of a Heat Recovery System Combined with a Helical-Type Heat Exchanger as a Water Heater

190-194 I Putu Aris Eka Saputra, Made Sucipta, Hendra Wijaksana