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Natural Sciences Engineering and Technology Journal (NASET Journal) concern with publishing the original research articles, review articles from contributors, and the current issues related to engineering, technology, and natural sciences. The main objective of NASET Journal is to provide a platform for international scholars, academicians, and researchers. It also aimed to promote interdisciplinary technology studies in Informatic Engineering, Electronica Engineering, Civil Engineering, Informatic System, Computer System, Architecture, and Natural Sciences in the world.

NASET Journal is published by CMHC (Research & Sains Center) colaborated with  HM Publisher , twice a year. NASET Journal has eISSN (electronic International Standard Serial Number) 2807-2820.

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023): Natural Sciences Engineering and Technology Journal

Published: Mar 10, 2023

Analysis of Land Use Changes and Land Value Zones Due to Phase 1 Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Development in Menteng District, Central Jakarta

115-129 Muhammad Iqbal Adi Saputra, Citra Dewi, Fauzan Murdapa

Simulation of Airflow Patterns and Aerodynamic Forces on a Chambered Airfoil and Symmetric Airfoil with Maximum Thickness Variation

130-141 I Gede Kartana, Anak Agung Adhi Suryanwan, I Gusti Ketut Sukadana

Experimental Study of Permeability Characteristics of Bamboo Betung Activated Carbon as Alternative Pad Material for Direct Evaporative Cooling System

142-153 I Made Feby Arya Putra, Hendra Wijaksana, I Gede Teddy Prananda Surya

The Structural Planning of Bunda Halimah Hospital Universitas Batam Using Steel Frame Construction


The Effect of Volume Fraction Variations Epoxy-Rice Straw Composite Fibers with NaOH Treatment on Tensile and Bending Strength

168-176 Muhammad Raihan Dwi Wibowo, Cok Istri Putri Kusuma Kencanawati, I Putu Lokantara

The Effect of Variation in Expansion Valve Capacity on Cooling Performance in Cold Storage Machines

177-181 I Putu Gede Krisna Mahendra Putra, Hendra Wijaksana, Made Sucipta

Analysis of Heat Recovery System Performance Using a Serpentine-Type Heat Exchanger on Water Heater with Fins Number Variation

182-189 I Gusti Agung Gede Kusuma Artha, Made Sucipta, Hendra Wijaksana

Performance Evaluation of a Heat Recovery System Combined with a Helical-Type Heat Exchanger as a Water Heater

190-194 I Putu Aris Eka Saputra, Made Sucipta, Hendra Wijaksana
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